On November 13, 2006...

re-elect geoff lorentz

forest-rockway ward

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Council and I have worked together to make the City of Kitchener residents proud.

  • Community - Our ward is rich with supportive neighbourhoods, community facilities and residents who truly care.  Together we can ensure that our community continues to grow and flourish.

  • Infrastructure - Future growth and economic opportunity require a solid foundation.  I will diligently ensure that our roads, sidewalks, sewers, and utilities are available, satisfactory, and cost efficient.

  • Downtown - I am a strong supporter of our downtown.  This is evident by my endorsement of the Economic Development Investment Fund.  The new educational facilities and residential starts within our core are making us vibrant and strong.

  • Safety and Security - A Community's Measure of Health: Fire, Police, Ambulance.  I will continue to make certain our community is well served.

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